COMMERCIAL USAGE: If you have purchased a Backspin seat for any type of commercial use (including showroom samples), please note that your product is only warranteed for forty-five (45) days from the original date of purchase. The Limited Warranty as contained on this page DOES NOT APPLY.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To activate the Limited Warranty, the owner of this product must register it with Backspin Seating within thirty (30) days of the original date of retail purchase. Limited Warranty coverage begins on your original date of retail purchase.

This Limited Warranty is intended specifically for you, the original, retail purchaser, to cover private use of your Backspin seat under normal conditions and ordinary use. This warranty is non-transferable and applies as long as you own the product. Backspin Seats are intended for use on original manufactured golf carts only. Modified carts or modifications to the original Backspin Seats may be excluded from this warranty.

(1) year warranty on molded foam
(1) year warranty on seams, piping and craftsmanship
(1) year warranty on steel structural supports
(3) year warranty on vinyl seat coverings

Improper use of armrests. Armrests must be lifted into the upright position prior to entering or exiting the golf cart and returned to the down position when cart is in use.
Acid leaks from golf car batteries
Cleaning the seats improperly
Installing the seats incorrectly
Failure of other component parts
The presence of amines in urethane foam
Discoloration or decay caused by mildew growth on adjacent components
Discoloration caused by contact with makeup, hair coloring products, suntan lotion or other personal products
Discoloration resulting from crocking (color transfer from clothing or objects)
Punctures, cuts, marks or scrapes on the seat coverings
Abuse, misuse, unreasonable use, neglect or failure to observe proper maintenance and operating practices (as determined by the manufacturer)

In the event of a defect in material workmanship, the original owner must contact the retailer immediately. Proof-of-purchase must be shown for repairs to be made under this warranty. Once approved by Backspin Seating, the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy under this limited warranty is that Backspin shall, at its own option and sole cost, repair or replace any defective seats within a reasonable period of time. All replaced seats shall become the sole property of Backspin. If it is more than a year since the original date of purchase, the original purchaser is responsible for packing and shipping charges to and from Backspin Seating. If the seats have been altered in any way, this warranty is null and void. Backspin Seating is not responsible for personal or bodily injury or property damage for anyone driving or riding in a golf cart. Backspin Seating is not responsible, nor liable, for consequential indirect or incidental damages from use of Backspin Seat(s).

Backspin Seating makes no other warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Excessive deterioration caused by overexposure to the sun or weather as a result of improperly covering the seats may be excluded from this warranty.